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Heya persons of the internet. So I've been working on this game for like the last 3 months and am just about ready to be done with it, but could really use a bit more feedback on it. If you have any interest in turn-based fighting games then I'd be super pumped if you gave this one a play and let me know what you think.

Here is the link: rs/

If you start getting bored of the game please let me know when and why, no one wants to make a game that is only fun for a few minutes so I need to know where to improve things. Thanks!

Wanna Beta Test? New Turn-Based Strategy Game Coming Soon

Hero RPG 2.5 out!

2007-12-20 13:58:07 by LonLonRanch

Hey guys, if any of you wonderful newgrounders enjoyed playing Hero RPG then you'd be glad to know that I just came out the the latest version (2.50) there is a whole bunch of new stuff in it so go check it out if you wish. (If you can find the Eternal Orb and make it to the Imperial City then you are Awesome!)

Link to Game

Hero RPG

2007-11-05 12:02:30 by LonLonRanch

So i got Hero RPG out finally, thanks to everyone who enjoyed it so far. I put a lot of work in to it so yay! If you liked Athalina I think you will love this one. I'm a little confused that the NG score is currently lower than that of Athalina, odd, but I guess things go the way things go.. maybe more people will vote on it now its on the front page. Well I still have a little additions I'll add to the game for those who beat it and want more, I'll try to get that out in a few days if I can. All comments are welcome I'll try to be nice and responsive.

Hmm well I'm very excited to play around with this new design that Newgrounds has put up, I must say its quite different but it looks very nice. Newgrounds has proven to be a wonderful site for both developers such as myself and fans alike so I am very thankful to be a part of the site which clearly has alot of work put into it. So I guess I have alot more surfing to do for this redesign, I want to see all the cool new things that Tom and the gang have added to the site. Awesome.