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Wanna Beta Test? New Turn-Based Strategy Game Coming Soon

2011-12-09 16:53:12 by LonLonRanch

Heya persons of the internet. So I've been working on this game for like the last 3 months and am just about ready to be done with it, but could really use a bit more feedback on it. If you have any interest in turn-based fighting games then I'd be super pumped if you gave this one a play and let me know what you think.

Here is the link: rs/

If you start getting bored of the game please let me know when and why, no one wants to make a game that is only fun for a few minutes so I need to know where to improve things. Thanks!

Wanna Beta Test? New Turn-Based Strategy Game Coming Soon


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2011-12-09 17:37:29

Was pretty good, had some fun with it!
- A bit too much pre-amble (stuff at start-up went on a bit long, maybe get more team mates gradually?)
- A bit more visual flare to the abilities would be nice
- When selecting monsters there should be a simple one liner to describe the monster currently selected

LonLonRanch responds:

Thanks for the feedback, yea several people have requested more animated effects on abilities. I'll see what I can do :) I will consider the fast one liner for monsters for sure!


2011-12-09 18:05:21

Was good, Wanted to be able to switch some party members out, so i'm not stuck with the same 3 or have some system of levels where the party members learn new moves.

Also the selection of enemy and your party was awkward

LonLonRanch responds:

Thanks for responding, I might try to make it so you can switch up your team every X amount of layers or something like that.


2011-12-09 18:36:45

It was oké.

- The way the system is selecting the mobs turn is quite strange. I couldn't guess which mob's turn it would be next every time, like it's random.
- The discription is to long, making it shorter is more efficient.
- It would be nice if there was some sort of story involved.
- The store runs out of potions? That's not very handy (but i guess it's meant to be that way)
- It actually does get kinda boring after a while, i can't really figure out why.

- With the gold earning system replay value goes up, as you can buy new mobs every time you replay.
- I like the artstyle
- It's very easy to manage, since there is no skill point system which excludes real strategy based thinking. Even tho a majorty of rpg's do have these.

All by all it's a pass. I'm not that excited about it, but it is good enough

LonLonRanch responds:

The turn selection is based off the monsters Speed stat but there are a lot of abilities that effect this stat during battles - I think it's easier to understand the more you play. Do you think it needs a story? I often fear adding a story when making flash games because so many players just want to 'start playing' as soon as possible - maybe not? Yea I really like limiting the potions, that way it involves more strategy when purchasing potions.

Thanks for the pro and cons, this was helpful :D


2011-12-09 23:19:06

I liked the art and the idea of it, but i think it would be better to not fight the same creatures you CAN pick, but instead more wild creatures and have certain bosses you fight unlock that monster... and maybe when you attack have something to show what you can target with that specific attack when you use it :)

LonLonRanch responds:

I had thought of doing smaller monsters earlier but I kind of settled on the idea that you can be any of the monsters, but maybe small monsters would be good. On another note, when you hover over an ability the monsters that can be targeted by that ability glow bright yellow, was that not noticeable?


2011-12-10 02:05:49

when a monter is fighting.. display only its moves. also add more effects... :P
hope it helped and great to play game overall :D


2011-12-10 06:55:55

Pretty cool project, i like how its damn balanced :D You cant make imba team because every one have weakness.
For me i prefer if my team was on left side.

Reflected damage should be somewhat visible, like some shield (with spikes ) and damage on enemy?

I suggest u to implement position system, something like that, +50% to damage but -50% to resist and he stand closer to enemies.

List of what monster will have turn next.
And what team of monster u will fight Its give chance to have posibility to change runestones etc

Overall i like it much :)


2012-03-12 04:40:39

looks cool can i be a beta tester?


2012-07-15 08:41:50



2012-09-03 22:26:37

Its OK. The combat is nothing too original, but it works. I also think a small story would help. Why are these monsters together? Did the big boss monster steal all their food? Are you someone who has trained them all? I like the prehistoric type thing I got from the intro, but some of the monsters just look downright odd and I found them out of place. That skeleton guy and that octopus blob thats locked seem kind of off-theme. But maybe thats me.